Architekt Peter Neufert 1966 Peter Neufert 1966

Peter Neufert

Architect 1925 - 1999

Peter Neufert, born in Freyburg Unstrut, spent part of his youth in the Neufert House in Weimar Gelmeroda. After the Second World War he studied architecture in Darmstadt and worked in his father's office. After years in the office of Peter Friedrich Schneider, he opened an office in Cologne with his father. In 1955 he set up his own business, the "Atelier Neufert Köln".

“The family home brings the designer closest to his real purpose; the human being.”

Peter Neufert, 1965
Sachsenturm, Köln 1958 Photo: Marys Neufert

Sachsenturm, Cologne 1958. The first own house of Peter Neufert

The semicircular medieval ruin was completed with bricks and closed with a glass façade. In this way, the residential building offers both protection and openness. Basalt stones on the walls and wooden ceilings characterize the design of the four floors.

Awakening in architecture
the 50s, 60s and 70s

For decades Peter Neufert worked together with the equally creative engineer and structural engineer Prof. Stephan Polonyi. Arched supporting structures and shell constructions were their passion. Like the X1 in Cologne and the Keramion in Frechen.

Construction, X1 Construction X1
Residential House, X1 Residential House X1, 1962
Shell of the Museum Keramion 1970, Frechen near Cologne Diameter 32 meter, the Keramion
Frechen 1970

Industrial buildings, administration buildings, shops or residential buildings, Peter Neufert gives his designs something unmistakable, playful. For him, reconstruction is the first step into Modernism.


Peter Neufert was born in 1925 in Freyburg an der Unstrut. As the oldest son of Alice Spies-Neufert and Ernst Neufert, he studied architecture with his father at the TU Darmstadt. In 1955 he opened his architectural office in Cologne. Complete curriculum vitae Peter Neufert

Selected buildings

  • Cremer Office Building, Cologne
  • Navy-Army-Airforce-Institut-Shop, Cologne-Raderthal
  • Court Pharmacie Wallrafplatz, , Cologne
  • Braun Residential Home, Cologne-Rodenkirchen
  • German Cement Association Building, Düsseldorf
  • In cooperation with Ernst Neufert
  • 400 Housing Units for US Army, Spangdahlem
  • Leybold Factory, Warehouse, Transformer and Staff Building, Cologne
  • Headquarters of the Federal Association of the German Brick Industry, Bonn
  • City Vocational School, Cologne
  • Commercial Building, Herdersche Bookstore, Cologne
  • KLM Offices, Cologne and Bremen
  • Sachsenturm Residence, Cologne, Sachsenring
  • Degussa Industrial Plant, Cologne Poll
  • Thyssen-Krupp Gate System for Steel Mill, Duisburg-Rheinhausen
  • Ohm Residence, Rheine
  • Multiple-Family Dwelling, Bensberg
  • Machill Houses, Cologne
  • Cremer House, Cologne
  • Wrede House, Cologne-Hahnwald
  • Cuerten House, Cologne
  • Breuer House, Cologne
  • Steins Photo Store, Cologne
  • Brune House, Mannheim-Viernheim
  • Dunkel House, Cologne
  • Schwepke House, Eschweiler
  • Pohland Commercial Building, Cologne
  • Rademacher House, Cologne-Hahnwald
  • HHS Cement Associalion Expansion, Dusseldorf
  • Ratjen House, Cologne
  • Strenger Bosch Service Center, Cologne-Marsdorf
  • Atelier Neufert and Office Building, Cologne
  • Casa Sylvia, Sintra, Portugal
  • Stüssgenhof House, Kitzbühel, Austria
  • Residential and Commercial Building, Cologne
  • Bauwens Office Building, Cologne
  • Perthel House, Cologne
  • Saarbach Administration Building, Cologne
  • Wormland Department Store, Cologne
  • House C, Essen-Bredeney
  • Bodelschwing House, Cologne
  • Wormland House, Munich
  • Gedelfi Office and Administration Building, Cologne
  • Farina House, Cologne
  • Jordan Furrier, Düsseldorf
  • Schlüssel Perfumery, Cologne, Neumarkt
  • Herkules High-Rise, Cologne
  • Residential Complex, Cologne
  • Graebner House, Cologne-Hahnwald
  • "ll Rondo" Hotel, Maspalomas, Grand Canary
  • Delil Office Building, Cologne
  • Hamburg-Mannheimer Administration Building, Cologne
  • Federal Ministry of the lnterior Casino, Bonn
  • Schöne Aussicht Residential Complex, Bensberg
  • Europa Terrassen Apartment House, Luxembourg
  • Multiple Family Dwelling, Cologne
  • Kämpgen Commercial Building, Cologne
  • Quinta do Miradouro, Montargil, Portugal
  • Noise Barrier, Freeway 3 Köln-Frankfurt near Siegburg
  • Japan External Trade Organization, German Headquarters, Düsseldorf
  • Köln-Rodenkirchen lndustrial Park, Cologne
  • Colonia lnsurance Entrance Hall, Cologne
  • "Barragem" Hotel and "A Panela" Restaurant, Montargil, Portugal


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