Titelbild von “Ernst Neufert | Peter Neufert” aus dem Hatje Cantz Verlag, 2014


Ernst Neufert Peter Neufert

Ernst Neufert's functionalist buildings and Peter Neufert's architectural form experiments.

A documentation shows the current state of selected buildings by both architects.

Together with scholary essays this publication examines the quality and significance of their designs from a new perspective.


With their many designs for residential and industrial buildings, Ernst Neufert (1900-1986) and his son, Peter Neufert (1925-1999), left their mark on Germany's architectual landscape of the twentieth century. Both are prominent exponents of the architecture of their time: Ernst Neufert with his strictly functionalist buildings and his standard reference work, the Bauentwurfslehre, which is still in widespread use among architects today. And Peter Neufert with his bold experiments with form, in which he explored the technological developments in reinforced concrete.

Editors: Nicole Delmes, Johannes Kister, Lilian Pfaff

with texts from: Michael Kasike, Johannes Kister, Lilian Pfaff


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